Miranda Lynn

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Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!
I’m from the valley of Pocatello, Idaho. Being from a considerably small town lit a fire in me to travel the world. Each time I visit somewhere new I feel more authentic. After leaving the comfort of my hometown and moving to Seattle in 2017 I quickly realized how difficult it would be to create genuine friendships & find my purpose as a twenty something year old in a big city.

However, recently I chose to partner with a naturally and botanically based luxury vegan haircare (and now skincare!!!) company. Sound odd? I thought so too. Here’s what changed my mind:
1. I fell in love with the products. I struggled for years with dandruff, unmanageable hair, oily scalp even after multiple product recommendations from several hair stylists. After my first wash with monat, I noticed a difference. My hair felt fuller and silky and my scalp felt like your mouth after an extra minty piece of gum-so fresh, so clean! My scalp and hair have seen significant changes ever since, and I’d love to help others find the same confidence in their hair that I have!
2. Our community is like no other. The girl gang I’ve gained through this opportunity has turned out to be the support I never knew I needed. The community that comes with this side hustle has helped me make leaps and bounds in growth both personally and professionally. It’s not often you get to choose your coworkers-and I happen to have chosen the best.
3. I can not stand being under someone’s thumb. Working for someone else has never been my cup of tea. It’s my life, I’d like to live it on my terms. But before this opportunity, I didn’t really think that was a possibility. Now, this opportunity has opened more doors for me than I could have ever guessed. I’m my own boss-living my life on my own terms... you can’t put a price tag on freedom!
What’s happened since then? Well, what started as an attempt at some extra grocery money has turned into a global business complete with free trips, my closest friends, time and financial freedom and so much more. Want to know my favorite part? I get to help men and women level up just like I did; and THAT is more rewarding than any paycheck.
How can you get started? Let’s click some links and find out ➵