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"Build a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From"

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I'm Miriam from Malaysia 🇲🇾

🌏 Social Entrepreneur
✨ Content Creator
💪🏻 Fitness Coach
💫 Dream Builder

Science nerd turned #bossbabe Partnering with the World's #1 Brand for Beauty Device Systems since 2017, living a purpose-driven life while transforming lives daily.

🗣️ Actively expanding my team across Malaysia and 49 other countries, recruiting potential individuals who are keen to start Business From Home (BFH) and start earning from social media!

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Build a global social commerce business


Times have changed.
It's 2021 and WFH is the new norm.
If you are on social media everyday, why not start earning from it? We can now build a business anywhere and anytime with just a phone and WiFi.

From working around the clock creating content and generating sales for my boss to taking control of my time, growing my empire and improving the lives of their around me. This business has changed my life many years ago, and it could potentially change yours too.


- 18 years old and above
- Hardworking and Motivated
- Passionate about health and beauty
- Coachable and Positive Team Player

Experienced in social media is a plus point

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"We can't change what happened yesterday, but what we do today determines who we will be tomorrow."

Four years ago

My Turning Point

This picture was taken last year October when I was attending the global convention at our company's headquarters in the States. 💘

Prior to starting this business, I was a Marketing Executive for a F&B company. Growing up in a single parent family, my goal was to study hard, get a good job, climb my way up to the top of the corporate ladder and fulfill my mum's dreams. However, as time goes by I realized that I wasn't able to earn fast enough to provide for myself and my family. When I landed myself in the hospital after overworking, I knew I had to find another way out and that was when I was introduced to the company and business opportunity.

What attracted me was the company's products, their culture and their rewarding business opportunity that offers FAST, FLEXIBLE and FULFILLING income and that anyone could do it.

It has been nearly 4 years now and I saw how fulfilling and rewarding it is to be able to build a business that doesn't require me to sacrifice my time for money while being able to help the lives of many around me. With this platform, I aspire to inspire others like myself who are looking for better income opportunities and making their dreams a reality. ❤️

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