Specialty Cupcakes 6/$38 12/$70

Gulab Jamun
Vanilla and cardamom infused cupcakes, rose water, saffron icing, crushed pistachios, edible rose petals, syrup pipette

Mango Lassi
Vanilla and cardamom infused cupcake, mango puree, mango buttercream, sprinkles

Ras Malai
Vanilla spiced cupcake, ras malai filling, sweet condensed milk frosting

Gajar Ka Halwa
Vanilla spiced cupcake, homemade gajar ka halwa (sweetened carrot puree), vanilla cream cheese frosting

Kashmiri Chai
Kashmiri Chai infused cupcake topped chai butter cream & crushed pistachio

Meeta Paan
Betal leaf ( paan leaf) infused cupcake, sweet fennel, sweet supari infused frosting

Maple Spiced Coconut
Maple spiced cupcake, coconut milk, sweetened coconut flakes, coconut maple cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut flakes

Spiced Coffee
Spiced Coffee cupcake, bits of Rusk cake, creamy mocha frosting, milk pipette
Spiced Matcha
Vanilla spiced matcha cupcake, matcha sweet cream, matcha buttercream
Tres leches Cupcakes 6/$38 12/$70
Pistachio Tres Leches
Rose Tres Leches
Banana Tres Leches
Biscoff Tres Leches
RoohAfza Tres Leches
Tiramisu Tres Leches
Vanilla Tres Leches
Mini cupcakes dozen $22
2 dozen minimum per flavor

Rice Krispy Treats 6/$20 12/$38
Rose Krispy
Original Rice Krispy
Chocolate Krispy
Fruity pebbles Krispy

Mini pecan pie 6/$20 12/$38
Spiced mini pecan pie 6/$20 12/ $38
Shooters 12/$65
Cake shooters
Rose cheese cake
Oreo cheesecake
Biscoff Mousse

Balushai 6/$10 12/$18 24/$35
Projapoti pita 12/$20 24/$38
Payesh 6/$20 12/ $38
Mini Coconut rolls 12/$6 24/$10

Cake pops 12/$65 24/$120
Gulab Jamun

Cakesicles 6/$38 12/$70

Cake pots 6/$35 12/$68

Pull apart cupcake cake - message is for quote
6 inch & 8 inch tall cakes - message for quote
Tres leches cake $70 (6in- feeds 10-12 people)
Tray cakes $38 (feeds 4-6 people)
Custom Cake - message for quote
Breakable heart with 6 Chocolate covered strawberries $45

Breakable bear $20

*Individual wrapped items : Additional .15 per piece *

About Mishti.n.Spice

Lets tell the world what we’re all about :)

Mishti.n.Spice is a creative home based dessert shop business. Our goal is to make everyone's taste buds jump for joy while bringing together the two cultures we live with on a day to day basis.

MommaBam makes all the authentic Bengali and South Asian sweets while her daughter SamBam recreates her favorite American desserts with a South Asian twist.

We specialize in cupcakes & love bringing in new flavors each month to keep everyone on their toes! Whether you like the classic flavors or want to try something new, we got you covered. Treat yourself or a loved one with our decorative home baked goods.

We are so grateful for everyone who orders from us, whether it’s for yourself, for a loved one or for a special occasion ✨ We are honored to bake for you 💛