Hii, I’m Ana!


I am a mom of two beautiful girls and wife to a very humble man. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After my college graduation, however, we decided to move to El Paso, TX. It was quite a change but my husband and I knew that we didn't want to raise our family in a big city.

My oldest daughter was two years old when I decided to start working. It wasn't hard to leave her at daycare because I thought, "she's little, she won't notice." And then two years later, I got pregnant with my second daughter. By then, my oldest was already talking and I clearly remember when she said, "mom, why do we need to go to a daycare after school but my friends get to go home?" That broke me! I didn't stop working right away though. My little one still went to daycare for four years. Why did I continue to work? I started working at a place where I felt comfortable. I had an 8-5, off on the weekends, and work wasn't heavy. However, little by little, work started to pile up. I was working more than my 8-5. As time passed, that comfortable work environment turn into a hostile work environment. I lost myself trying to stay loyal to an employer that wasn't appreciating me.

Then I remembered my potential. I remembered that I had be loyal to family and myself first! I was missing my daughters golden years. I was carrying unnecessary stress. I was working for someone else's dreams!!! I got fed up and one day I went to lunch and I never went back! Best decision of my life! I knew I was an intelligent, hard working woman and I wasn't scared to take my online business to whole other level! Working from home has giving me a chance to be my own boss. It has giving me the chance to be a full time mom and wife without any guilt that my husband was the only bread winner.

That's what I want for you! I want to give you an opportunity to take over your life! If you are a mom, I know that you want to see your kids grow. You want to be able to be at EVERY school function. You want to be a "yes" mom without the guilt of having enough for bills, groceries, gas...For my college students, I know the struggle of just eating cereal almost every day. lol. I know for a fact that you do not want to be 50 and still be paying for those student loans. You deserve to go on vacation after graduation instead to a 9-5 just to start paying for those loans.

You are not alone, just take the leap of faith...