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Eni’s journey to minimalism

I’m Eni (it sounds like Annie) and I’m a minimalist in progress.

I’ve started this journey in 2019 and in this blog I am collecting and sharing findings, experiences and general tips that are helping throughout the process.

After reading many books, watching vlogs, and talking to others that are in a more advanced stage of this lifestyle change, the very first thing that I’ve made peace with is that there is NOT a right way to do something this personal and there is certainly no “right way” to be a minimalist.

So I’ve decide that it won’t be a matter of how many items one owns, but more about being conscious of what matters in (your own) life, and what things are essential to allow YOU to live happier by surrounding yourself with what and who matters most.

It is not a race about how extreme one can go, it is a process of self understanding to be able to allow positive habits and feelings to fit in YOUR daily life that will be leading in an overall improvement of the way you feel and live.

It is not about comparing yourself with how others are doing, but a flexible and customisable state of mind that, by all means, is about you finding your place in the world in this particular moment of your life. A way of life that can evolve and adapt to suit life’s progress, still allowing you to make choices that truly make you happy. Because, to me, it is not about sacrificing, but about finding what functions to benefit your emotional and physical wellbeing, and this is the state of mind I’ve started this journey with.

If you’d like to read about general tips, and follow my journey, feel free to tag along and share your experience.