Fasting + Ketones + Electrolytes + Diet

Biohacking with Ketones

Hey there! I'm Mary, this is my short story about finding ketones and community and how you can start too!

I'm 55 and spent all my 20s thru mid 40s eating salads and exercising like crazy with minimal results and battling constant chocolate cravings.

In my late 20s I did Atkins and extended fasting with great results but fell into the mainstream "gotta eat breakfast" mentality and failed miserably every time. Up and down 10, 15, 20 lbs. I don't carry extra weight well at all.

My job is sedentary and I fight mid afternoon crashes. I'm a soccer mom and being out on the fields makes me hungry too!

I live in the Pacific Northwest and the winter's are cold! Looking forward to retirement in a warmer climate.

So I am always trying all the things. But finding Pure Therapeutic Exogenous Ketones has been thee most life changing of them all.

I like intermittent fasting with a mostly carnivore one or two meals a day. I drink Ketones w/electrolytes twice a day and do a 60 hour fasting "Reboot" once a month with our extended ketones community.

The ketones and electrolytes have given me freedom from cravings and normalized my appetite. They reduce inflammation and improve my mood and focus.

Trust me when I say I have tried everything and Pruvit Ketones w/electrolytes is the answer. These Ketones are backed by science and multiple patents They improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. They give you an edge when you put in the work.

I'm so excited for what the future holds!

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