Who is Miss Marv Sweet?

Initially a name created for an art account, Marv Sweet was but a moniker for a gal who wanted to create but remain anonymous. However, as the state of the world declined Marv decided to get back in touch with her retro roots and once more (with feeling) re-embark on a not so anonymous pin up journey and in doing so, has had the opportunity to create and connect with the Vintage community on both Instagram and TikTok. Marv is also a HUGE nerd, preferably in the realms of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and DC. She has also entered the marvellous world of millinery, hot glue gun and pliers in hand. If this resonates with you or you want to check out some sweet headwear, swipe on over for some links!

Marv's Millinery Makes

Feeling creative? So is Marv! Have a look at what she's been up to.

Combining her love for Vintage fashion and specific fandoms, Marv's Millinery Makes is a completely new adventure into uncharted yet glamorous territory. Marv is not currently taking commissions or wishing to sell her Makes however you'll be pleased to know that it's on the cards for the near future. Thank you for all your support and interest 🖤

Currently Working On:

Marv Makes: Sunsets on Chandrila
Marv Makes: Dyad of the Force
Marv Makes: My Heart Belongs on Exegol
Marv Makes: Hearts and Bows

Marv Makes: Hearts & Flowers

A Lindt chocolate Box and two layers of cream satin and medium interfacing embellished with flowers and pearls.

Marv Makes: Summer Sweethearts

Wire Base, medium interfacing and white satin embellished with blue and white flowers. Inspired by The Notebook.

Marv Makes: The Spring Starlet

Wire base, medium interfacing and blue Satin embellished with orange flowers and iridescent beads.

Marv Makes: The Empress

A clear headband and skewers embellished with black and gold glitter, spray paint in the colour "brass" and resin beads.

Marv Makes: Space Daddy

Wire Base, medium interfacing and a black bedsheet embellished with black glitter tulle, red ribbon, flowers and Darth Vader's chest control box in white vinyl.

Marv Makes: Padme's Destiny

Wire Base, Medium interfacing and cream satin embellished with purple flowers. Inspired by Padme Amidala/Skywalker's funeral scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Marv Makes: The Forbidden Fruit - Hades & Persephone

A cardboard base and White Satin embellished with Red Glitter Tulle, Red Ribbon, Resin Beads, Jewels and a Pomegranate Stencil in White Glitter Vinyl.

Marv Makes: The Duel on Mustafar

A cardboard base and red velvet curtain embellished with orange glitter tulle, resin beads, orange and yellow petals, red ribbon and a Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker stencil in Black Glitter Vinyl.

Marv Makes: The First Order

The First Order but make it ✨vintage✨
Cardboard base, a black bedsheet, red ribbon, black glitter tulle and a First Order stencil in white glitter vinyl.

Marv Makes: John Willie in Velvet

A cardboard base, a velvet curtain, white flowers and a John Willie illustration in white glitter vinyl.

Marv Recommends #1: Pillbox Tutorial

Follow this tutorial by the beautiful @Myriamxn and add your own spin!

Marv Recommends #2: Wire Base Millinery

Another easy to follow Diy by LittleAntiqueMe! This style will be the basis of the next few Marv Makes.

Marv Recommends #3: Spiked Halo Tutorial

This video by Angela Clayton was used as a guide for the creation of The Empress. Very easy to follow - check it out!