Tanya Brown—-Wāhine Māori—-Aotearoa NZ

To inspire and birth the awesomeness in others—-Jen Sincero

Kia Ora….

I’m Tanya but please call me Tarnz..

I am a 38 year old Māmā to 5 beautiful children and heil from Taranaki Aotearoa although I was born and raised in Taumarunui, King Country, Aotearoa. And now currently live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

I am a very proud Māori woman and have a deep love for my language and culture,
I also have a big interest in Crystals, Tarot and Oracle Cards and Reiki just to name a few.
I am in no way a professional at any of these but I am always keen to learn as much as I can about them.

I came into this space and had initially been on a journey of healing after a life changing accident my youngest child had. When I was offered this opportunity I knew it had to be my calling..
to make a shift, for my family And of course, for myself.

My journey and growth so far has been life changing to say the least and it’s only fair that I share this with others..

I have a great desire to help and be of service to others and I truely want to help others like myself. People who can see their own potential to be able to create a life of complete freedom and abundance.

Growth is the Mission
Healing is the Reward
Freedom is the Goal

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