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We thought we would tell you a little bit about ourselves...

We are a brand of homemade organic skincare products made specifically with the customer in mind.

Miss Tawo's is a brand that was created as a way of encouraging Africans to look within Africa for solutions that we so often look outwards for.

We want to encourage you to go back to the roots so expertly laid by our ancestors for skincare solutions that work.

Our parents and grandparents used natively African ingredients to cure the very issues we struggle with today. At Miss Tawo's we aim to bring the knowledge of our ancestors back into the light!

We hope you throughly enjoy our authentic, and beautifully handmade products!

Body Butter - $5

The butter your skin has been asking for! This beauty is made from whipped shea butter and cocoa butter blended with grape seed oil. It has no essential oils and is perfect for those with sensitive skin or eczema. It is lightly fragranced with vanilla extract

Smooth Butter - $5

The butter your skin needs! A blend of shea butter and avocado butter giving it a smooth buttery feeling. It has essential oils including lemon seed oil to help you fight those dark spots and wrinkles

Charcoal Face Scrub - $10

Skin care is self love! Treat your skin with this detoxifying natural scrub! The charcoal draws impurities from your face and with brown sugar in the mixture it gently scrubs your face leaving you with a smooth and silky finish. The aloe in the scrub leaves a soothing feeling.

Whipped Shea Butter - $5

This is our no nonsense butter for the customer who doesn't want too much riff raff. This butter consists of whipped Shea Butter blended together with natural oils and fragrances. This blend is perfect for skin and even hair. It has sterling reviews for it's moisturizing properties.