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Greetings! This will serve as my disclaimer so please take time to read this. First and foremost, i am not the real Chou Tzuyu. I'm not connected nor affiliated with her Staffs, Entertainment, and co-members. I don't have any intentions to ruin her image but to promote her and her group which is Twice. If you have any problems on how i portray her, kindly unfriend or block me. Do not report my account.

I will use filtered photos in my works which is truly made by me so don't repost or use it unless you have my permission. English and hangul will be my literacy, be reminded that I'm not fluent on the both languages so expect some mistakes. If you see one, you can correct me in a nice way.

I want my timeline to be clean so i will put my out of character (ooc) posts in my album. As i said, i want to maintain my timeline neat so as much as possible, avoid tagging me. Tags that aren't related about me will be deleted or hidden. Also avoid commenting words that is asking for reacts.

I hope everything is clear now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to dm me. The operator of this account is surely approachable but do expect late replies due to personal reasons. That's all for now, thank you for reading this!

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