Let’s cut to the chase -

You’ve probably heard about influencers, MLM’s and huge income claims from company’s on the internet -

And since you’re here, you’re one of three people -

1. You’re wondering how to get involved with the RIGHT company.
2. You’re curious about what all the hype is about OR you aren’t sure it’s for you.
3. You’re thinking it doesn’t matter, all MLMs are scams.

Whichever person you are today, know that any decision you make is going to be the right decision FOR YOU.

I joined network marketing for many reasons, but above all of them, I did it because I am always free to do whatever I wish to do.

I have to give a line to my love for the wild outdoors - I am a Marine Biologist at heart.
I am also so many other things - student, sister, educator. I advocate for equality, mental health & wellness, and for the dreamers.

My goal is to open the hearts and minds of others up to the freedom of taking control of their own lives! I work in the beauty industry, sharing my love for vegan & non-toxic products that have changed my life (literally).

I’m on the mindset of wealth and creative marketing, giving and receiving, grinding and go-getting. & I work with people across the globe, turning people’s dreams into decisions.

The space my team creates is so much more than just beauty products. So if you’re someone who cares about mental & physical wellness, creation, love, and prosperity - let’s co-create, love, and receive together.