•Hell Cat •Femme fatale •Dominatrix 🖤Mistress Bambi

I will seduce you and lead you straight into Hell🔥

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Scared? Frankly you should be.

You should be asking yourself am I worthy to serve?

If you are seeking to date me or think you can manipulate me, you will be disappointed and still leave with less💰 sore and bruised (And not in the “good” way.) So don’t try me. You have been warned. Leave now!!

With that being said, you may have actual questions about Booking or BDSM. I will permit such questions here or in email. However just because you email me doesn’t guarantee a response from me. Make sure your question isn’t already answered in this website and keep in mind a tribute does get you to the front line.
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Ok so a lot about myself. I am Mistress Bambi & Femme fatale. I own a private studio where I host BDSM scenes, located in NW Portland Pearl district. I am a Kink and fetish educator and have been both teaching and Professional Dominatrix for 5+years now. I am a active member of The Black Domme Sorority ✊🏾(link to credentials in link page) I pride myself in my craft and consider myself a Sensual and seductive Hell cat. I am also very traditional and strict and get complete satisfaction in dishing out your deepest kinky experience. I am a professional so therefore I tailor each scene under the soft and hard limits of EVERY sub and giving it my own little spice and flare to it. I have all the tools and set up for ALL I list as special interests. Just be properly cleaned, groomed and enema ready. You are in the presence of utter perfection aka ME. So at least look the fuckin part.

🛑appointments must be booked with at least 24h notice🛑

🛑Deposits and form application is required for EVERY booking.🛑

▪️What you could book me for:
•Live scene
•Phone session
•Online session
•Online session with cam
•Online Training
•Human ATM/ Wallet drain
•custom clip

😈My skills & Interests:
•foot worship/ body worship
•Role play
•Impact play/ flogging/spanking/cane/ paddle/belt
•Edge play
•latex & leather
•Financial domination
•Wax Play
•Breath Play
•Humiliation / public humiliation
•Pet play
•Face smothering
•Water works
•Sensory deprivation
AND MANY MANY MORE...**Ask me respectfully about other kink and fetish’s**

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