A Little About Me...

Hey babe! I’m Tehani! I’m a wife, a mom to two beautiful boys & i’m going to be your hair and skin BFF l. I’m a Libra who lives in Queens, NY. I absolutely love when the season changes to fall, don’t get me wrong; summer is great! But there’s something about Fall that’s makes everything warm & cozy - lets not forget the amazing oversized sweaters and knees high boots haha & my favorite holiday is Christmas. I find happiness in spending time with my boys, alone time with hubby, traveling, food, a little Netflix, a little girls night out here and there, fashion, helping/mentoring others & WINE!

I currently work full time at a hospital in the Big Apple. I’m currently affiliated with some of my favorite fashion sites, so if you’re looking for some cute fashion items, swipe for the links page and enjoy shopping. About 6 & 1/2 months ago, I started my very own online business in the beauty industry. I’m an independent Market Partner & I promote anti-aging, naturally based, vegan, cruelty-free, luxury hair & skin care products. I’ve grown so much as a person since starting this business. I’ve made so many new connections & work with a team of amazing empowered women who motivates you on a daily basis. Please feel free to go through my beauty page to learn more & for links to get you started on whatever you need.



Let me help your hair & skin achieve greatness all while helping others...

I can provide you with either a hair and/or skin consult to give you that UH-MAZING hair and/or skin glow up. Your hair and skin will thank you for using our UH-MAZING anti-aging, clinically backed, non toxic, vegan based products. Swipe left to fill out my “HEALTHY HAIR” or “HEALTH SKIN” application on the next page so we can get you started on the healthy hair & skin revolution wave & you can see what the hype is about


I can provide you with an opportunity that can & will possibly change your life! I can help you build your own empire all while helping people feel great about themselves. I’m here to personally mentor you, help you grow personally, financially & help you step out of your comfort zone to be an amazing boss babe of your own. If you want to work with me, LEVEL UP, hungry for a CHANGE, want MORE out of life & won’t settle for less swipe left to fill out my “WORK WITH ME” application to get started.