Hi friends

I’m Rachel - the face behind Mitten Raised

I’m an elementary art teacher who caught a vision of financial freedom and is running after it.

To lay it all out, I love the impact I have as a teacher but I have felt undervalued and unfulfilled. I work well over 40 hrs a week. I spend my own paycheck on classroom supplies. I know what it feels like to be near tears driving to work because you feel like you have nothing left to give. I know what it feels like to wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford a home, to grow your family, go on that vacation or pay off debt.

I joined Young Living as a teacher struggling with crippling anxiety, as a very ordinary person wanting to make strides towards wellness and nontoxic living.

I wasn’t expecting essential oils to actually work and support my anxiety-but they do! I didn’t know I could find clean solutions for makeup, skincare, cleaning products, supplements and more from one company-but I have!

Okay but the sappiest part, the part I’m most thankful for has been the community. Real people that I talk with daily. Weekly zoom calls. Celebrating each other. Learning together. Walking through the valleys + trenches with linked arms. My community, my team is the reason I’m here-the reason Young Living has become my joy job.

Who doesn’t want to work with their best friends? Who doesn’t want to work whenever and wherever they want? Who doesn’t want uncapped earning potential? Yes really, uncapped.

Whether you’re here for the products and nontoxic lifestyle or you’re here to run after financial freedom, you’ll never walk alone in this. My team rises by lifting others. Hear me loud and clear when I say this opportunity is for anyone and there’s room at the table for you!

Let’s do this!

My top 3 ways to get started:

Each starter kit gives you a lifelong membership to Young Living! That means if you decide you want to purchase again in the future, you get their 24% wholesale discount-just for having bought a starter kit. You’ll also get access to our private fb community, tons of resources + education and I’ll be walking alongside you every step of the way!

Premium Starter Kit - $165

The most popular starter kit, the one I began my Young Living journey with.

•HIGH Quality Diffuser
•Thieves Hand Sanitizer
•Mini Thieves Spray
•2 Ningxia Samples
•2 Roller Tops
•12 of the most versatile essential oils:

Thieves// immune support, germ-killer

Lavender// calming, happy skin, sleep support

Peppermint// energizing, digestive support

Frankincense// glowy skin, grounding, supports whole body health

Raven// breathe well, immune support

Digize// tummy soother, all-around digestive support

Lemon// energizing, detox support, all natural goo-gone, skin brightener

Panaway// soothes achey muscles, eases head tension, joint relief

Citrus Fresh// uplifting, odor neutralizer, cleaning aide

Stress Away// eases stress, calms nerves, supports relaxation

Peace and Calming// helps with big emotions, eases stress, tantrum tamer

Valor// the brave oil, emotional support, eases anxious thoughts

CBD Starter Kit - $165

Young Living’s CBD is infused with essential oils and contains 0.00% THC.

•Citrus CBD drops (300mg)// tastes amazing, consistency is key! Take under your tongue every day to see the best results! Also has amazing skin benefits when added to a serum!

•CBD Calm Roller (500mg)// infused with eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and more this blend smells heavenly and I use it every day! It helps slow down my racing thoughts and bring peace to worried mind.

•CBD Muscle Rub (300mg)// think any generic muscle rub elevated x100. Essential oils + CBD working together to soothe your sore muscles and joints without any nasty fillers or chemicals.

Thieves Starter Kit - $125

The easiest way to ditch and switch all the toxic chemicals from your household products! Powered by plants and completely clean! P.s. one bottle of the cleaner concentrate makes 40 16oz bottles of cleaner 😱

•Thieves Mouthwash
•Thieves Toothpaste
•Thieves Essential Oil 15ml
•Thieves Household Cleaner x2
•Thieves Hand Sanitizer x2
•Mini Thieves Spray x2
•Thieves Foaming Handsoap x2