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Hey Loves! My Name is Mitzi 🌿

· 2020 was the year of MAJOR changes in my life that unexpectedly opened my mindset to grow & learn a healthier, happier lifestyle & new enjoyable daily routines!

· I met the Love of My Life, got engaged, saved money, traveled, lost healthy weight with the help of my Optavia Health Coach, & was introduced the transformational opportunity to partner with MONAT, which has given me beauty & confidence in my hair, skin, mind and body!

· I have been using MONAT for a few months now, which is a Luxury Hair and Skin Care line that allows me to help you pick the correct treatment for your hair and skin type! These products use a combo of Nature & Science with Safe Vegan ingredients to formulate hydrating MAGIC Formulas!✨ I have gotten fast results & the difference I see in the health & softness of my hair and skin after switching from other brands is mind-blowing!

· I've been a dental assistant for 4 years & love helping people feel good about their smiles, so having another way to give the opportunity for you to feel more confident is important to me! With motivation & inspiration from beautiful like-minded women, I did research on how to be successful with this company & realized I wanted to be the one to run My Own Business with MONAT!

·I gladly took the opportunity to help more people feel as good as I am feeling! Plus having the financial freedom to live my life happy & to challenge myself to be better everyday has been empowering & rewarding! Due to my own REAL RESULTS I trust in these products and want to share with you how beneficial MONAT is to build that overall confidence & beauty in yourself!

· I would love to get to know you with simple fun info quizzes in the next page so I can personally set you up with benifical changes in your daily routine, & to achieve overall health and confidence in 2021!