My Journey

Showing the world what I’m made of!!

I’m Crystal aka Canta Lindo (which means I am a good singer in Spanish), It says for me to say who I am, but I am on the road to figuring that out. I am very indecisive at times about what I want because I often lose interest or motivation in the things that interest me now. I would say I’m spontaneous at time, but that could be because I often make rash decisions. I am incredibly smart though, I’m out going, I love smiling and I love bringing good vibes to any room! I am very skeptical about joining things, because I’m usually trying to figure out what I can get out of it. I’ve recently been told that I have to get comfortable with doing the uncomfortable, because in order for me to get where I want I cant let the fear of others opinions, and the fear of failure stop me from achieving greatness. I have been blessed recently to have come across an amazing group of women/ team that have allowed me to step out of my shell. Which is weird, because I sing and perform Infront of people all the time so why is it so hard for me to promote progress?

One of my goals now is to help others achieve greatness! I want others to see my struggle, see how far I am willing to go to get to the top, but there is nothing more I would like than to see others rise with me!! I want to be that opportunity that shows up out of the blue, or when life seems to be dark, I would like to be that spark that reminds you, YOU’VE GOT THIS!! I would love to watch the world from the top, but I do not want to be the only one there!! Who am I? I would say I am the woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals!