Mizzy Mayhem Mua.

Professional Makeup artist and Aesthetician

I am the Taina Warrior! As a 39 year old Mother, wife, and GlamMa, I am battling BC actively. I try to continue to do what I love Leave a piece of my soul in all of my art as a Professional Makeup Artist. Meraki Artistry is my Business and now changing up my brand a bit. Now move along with the times its time to let out that inner me! This cosmetics line I put my name behind is absolutely clean and toxin FREE! It made me realize I can bring happiness through patients that go through chemo and have no lashes like my mother who Won her Battle with the big C as well! She now will have lashes. Magnetic liner I can trust to be put on her delicate skin. Makeup my clients can trust will not cause irritation and give natural to glam looks with ease. Meaning less time in front of that mirror and more time doing the things you love!

Skin care dermatologists have dreamed of! Our skin care line Ascend is the main reason I’m here! We all forget and neglect our largest most exposed organ, our skin! If you want results with your makeup that are flawless then work with me to address your skin concerns and give you the canvas for your makeup that you have dreamed of!

As for a bit about me and my personality! I am the Protagonist (ENFJ-T) and will give my all to care for others even when I battle. But its those I help that save me. This is my time to step out with “The Siren Syndicate” as my team! Now is my time to get the things I want for my wife and I to own a home. I am ready to run to the top with anyone who is ready to come with me. Namaste