❥ Apps for editors

Here’s a list of apps I recommend to editors :)

Why hello there! Do you need any help with apps to your edits? If yes, than I gotchu

⚕️Capcut - Capcut has the editing stuff that most people use in general, like overlays, sound and video efects, etc. It’s kinda simple to use and you can do pretty much everything there so u don’t need to install other apps :)

⚕️PREQUEL - it’s an app that has a lot of filters but you can’t really change them so it gets kinda boring, but it’s also a great app to give some filter adjusts.

⚕️PicsArt - I personally prefer using PicsArt to the “aesthetic” of my profile, which is also a great app for that. I would recommend this app to photo edits.

⚕️Milkshake - It’s an app where you can do websites to promote you business or even try to help other persons (like I’m trying to help with editing apps rn ^^ )

⚕️Ultralight - Ultralight is more for coloring stuff in general and helps a lot in case you are a fc and use styles like Dark/Valentine/Soft/etc.

⚕️VN Video Editor - it’s like CapCut but you can’t really edit audios, apart from that it’s really useful :)

⚕️Vont - Vont is the app for when you download fonts from DaFont (for example) so you can use fonts in your videos!

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