The WOMAN Behind The Name..


Born April Reneé Frank, in Austin, Texas. On February 23, 1981 to her parents, Daisy McFarlin-Adair(Frank) & Aaron A. Frank Jr.  April Frank went to multiple schools throughout her young life due to her step father being in the U.S. military Army. Including living and half raised in Germany. After her mother divorced her step father. April's mother raised her until, her teenage years. At age 15, April Frank left home. At age 17, she moved from her grandmother's home to on her own. She dropped out of high school at, LBJ high school of Austin, TX in the 9th grade. Since she was denied the school she wanted to go to. Due to the school being out of her zip code that she wanted to attend(Manor High). Later, she got her GED with honors. Was also, the speaker of her graduation class.

In her young adult years, April was a headstart teacher until, her marriage to Terry Randall Sims in June 19, 2001. They had two children. She divorced Terry in 2006. April raised their two children DaiJanae and Darius Sims alone. 

As a young single mother of two children, and being diagnosed with Systematic Lupus, Diabetes type 2, and mental health. April still never gave up on her dreams of helping other black women, and people who was told, "NO." Just like she experienced while trying to just do for her and her children. She wanted to make a "SOLUTION" for Black Americans instead, of "STORIES", and or "EXCUSES." Just because you're black. 

While April is educated. She still had to experience racism in the south. Living in Texas. She has been on both sides..being an educator, wife, single mother, college student,incarcerated, drug abuser, victim of violence, molestation, rape, suicide, and being in a cult. 

Through it all..April still stands tall! Ready to help others by her knowledge and experiences in life at such a young age. Now in 2021, at 40 years old. Kids grown. Taking control of her life with counseling and more education. April Frank has become a woman to be reckoned with! 

Mochababy LLC came from her mind back in 2009. Which she took her skin tone and at the time, her fat face baby-like features. To come up with the name Mochababy. She first used it as an email address. She took to the name when asked in beauty college in Austin. What would you name your nail salon if you had one? Well, the rest is history. She took on the name but, made it a company name in the year 2020. 

Today, April Frank's mission for MochababyLlc. Is services to the black communities in the United States. Not just Texas. She felt that if it takes her love, education, and passion for her black people of all decent to come together? By all means.. that's what she is gonna do. April Frank sales AVON now but, that's why her slogan for MochababyLlc is.."KEEP SLEEPING ON ME!" Because, with April R. Frank?? You may not know her next move but, whatever it is? It's gonna wake you up and, you WILL know who was behind it! So just..Keep Sleeping On Her. You'll look up and be behind!

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Mission & Vision MOCHABABY LLC

"Keep Sleeping On Me ..

.. Because, I move in SILENCE. Once you look up?! I have INVENTED something else GREAT!"
- April R. Frank aka MOCHABABY The OFFICIAL Mochababy LLC

Mochababy LLC Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to offer services that cater to the needs of the people. No matter where they may live. Through our BEST services given. We take pride in how we treat our customers. To keep them coming back! We also want to hababy provide a collen of serves to customers. That are in searen oing things company they can also TRUST tha LLC

Our Vision:

"In HOPE that we can gain back the great customer service, company and, customer relationships that seem to have been LOST in the twentieth century. To spread love and trust again. Through one customer at a time."