A little about me :)

My name is Tatiana or tea for short I'm a student , an artist and a mildly curious person. I started out my business online only a few weeks ago because I was very inspired by seeing other women of color doing the same exact thing. ^^ I started making jewelry and trinkets at a young age I never thought to sell them until recently!

I really enjoy making my crafts and it's even better when my crafts can bring joy to somebody else!! I make bracelets for a variety of clientele and for varieties of people different interests and styles, I also do custom jewelry and they take requests so don't ever be afraid to drop me a line or shoot me a message. ^^

My favourite kind of jewelry to make is kawaii style or harajuku style jewelry mainly because lots of girls of color especially, those with darker skin tones are often under the impression that they're not kawaii because of that and other racial implications. so I really want my jewelry to inspire them to wear what they like and for them to always remember that they're kawaii tooo!!

I also make trendy bracelets and also want to encourage black girls to also follow any trend that they like just because it's different doesn't mean it's not for you :) Do what you want girls! ˖ 𖧧 ָ࣪🐸