My acc

This will be about my coloring and my fonts!

Step 1 go to ultralight
Click edit then the triangle
Clarify +10
Sharpen -10
Emphasize -2
Noise -10
Step 2 go to photos
Shadows +100
Sharen -100
Step 3 go to prequel!
Add your video then go
To adjust then scroll all
The way down to blur
And put it up to 75
Go to effects and
Scroll to cinema
Dust 28
Filter 100
Frame off!
My fonts are
Kind heart for my
Wm and for my
Questions I use
Hug me tight!

Hi I am kailynn and I am a dunkin this will be about my coloring and my text and a little bit about me<3


Hey I am kailynn and ima tell you a little bit ab me, I am 10 years old I was born and raised most my life in California I live in Oregon now, my birthday is may 13th 2011, when I was younger I had a bad sickness and I was about to die but I fought threw it and now I am stronger then ever! I do lots of sports, currently I am doing gymnastics but I love to play volleyball,and softball! Ok now more about my coloring!!

Step one of my coloring!
1. Go to prequel, exposure +50 highlights +46 shadows +100 sharpen. +25 aberration +60 blur+50 filter teal, effects winter!

Step two of my coloring!
2. Go to colortone then
Go to coogee than export

Step three of my coloring!
3. Go to ultralight then go
To the triangle and do sharpen
+10 then export!

That’s how I do my coloring!!
cc: turtleaddison!