Beauty & Wardrobe Stylist

Jackie Owens

A Woman of God with a pure heart. My love for God is my most important value to my life. I live to be pleasing and acceptable to God’s sight. My assignment is to display the masterpiece of God and draw you to him, so that we can all Glorify him.

Find Your Style!

What’s your favorite Style of Fashion?
I like Feminine Chic, where I can be very feminine, confident and classy all at once!

Let me help you find your style and be confident in who you are. Even if you are branding a new business let’s get the right look for you.

Be Professional

Professionalism is a key asset to Life. Beauty and Brains are the most astounding thing a woman can have. An attire that says Power would be the perfect fit to support that.

Pretty and Saved

Are you starting your own ministry or a business?

Let’s get together and gather the perfect look to launch or revive your ministry. Resilient and Conservative, but fun will be the perfect wardrobe for you.

Client Look Book

Confident Woman

Soft Casual

Contemporary Vintage

Modern Business

Makeup Artist

Find Your Glow!

Connect To Purpose

A World of Classy, Conserved and Confident Women displaying the Image of God