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Today is the day!

Hi there everyone! My name is Cassandra I'm 28 years old and live in Wrentham, MA.

Despite my age, I am still trying to find myself in most aspects of my life, the only constant in my life the past 10 years has been my cat (oliver) I'm sure many can relate, there's always that one constant that's holding you together. Well, I've found another constant and believe it or not it's my skincare routine.

I've suffered through crows feet, all throughout my teenage years, up until last year actually and no matter what I used I would get red blotches all over my cheeks, my skin would dry out like crazy no matter the combination of products. The bags under my eyes were unreal, I always said I was part raccoon, but it's all apart of my past now.

So, for a really long time I've struggled finding the perfect skincare routine, I can't even count the number of products I've gone through. I honestly hadn't found a set routine that worked for me until about a year ago.
I actually hadn't even found a product that was WORTH being a set routine until now!

Crows feet and under eye circles, virtually gone! My skin tone is much more even, my pores have shrunk, no more red blotchy spots and so much more!

So, here it is, the company that changed my life!

Modern Nature products are the future, naturally based, vegan & cruelty/chemical free haircare & skincare! It's the best investment I have ever made for myself and I know it can be for you too!

There's something perfect to fit every skin type!
If you're already convinced follow the link below, if not please read on, i have more to tell!

What is your skin craving? Let's find out! —

Here is a quick little quiz you can screenshot, circle your answers and send them to me at the link provided below!

Skin types/concerns

Normal. Combination/oily. Sunspots.

Uneven texture/skin tone. Acne. Redness.

Dry. Sensitive. Fine lines & wrinkles.

Large pores. Under eye puffiness. Dark circles.

Just DM me your answers!

Get your new skincare routine today!

What you need to know about becoming a Monat VIP

• One time VIP membership of $19.99

•15% off all products.

• Flexship option (amazon prime for your beauty products)

•Free shipping & free only for you product (that changes monthly) when you order through your flexship & spend at least $84

• Option to push back your flexship for 60 days, you can do this as many times as you want or need to!

• Access to all flash-sales.

• $25 birthday coupon code.

• 3 orders required in your entire lifetime.

• Retail is also still an option! However, you won't receive an "only for you product "

I am here to help, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be there for you. 🙂