What’s the buzz? Why is everyone talking about Modesty Lane Marketing?

Our Healthy Families —

"In 6 months of working with Kelly, my business became more polished and my income doubled. I’ve referred 3 new clients to Kelly. She’s being used by God to help Apostolic businesses get off the ground.”

Zadie B’s  —

"Kelly's godly integrity is of the highest quality. She is a true Christian. Her remote work with my store employees has completed turned both mall stores around.”

Apostolic Travel —

”Kelly set up our account, grew a small following and taught us how to run it by ourselves. We’ve learned ALOT about strategy and marketing. She’s truly a valuable resource for businesses in the kingdom of God.”

D.W. Leflore Wealth Management  —

“I’m not good at MARKETING. Get me in front of a person and I very rarely do not get that client on board. But, marketing to find that person is really tough for me. I feel fortunate that I have found Kelly Johnson.”

Missio Academy —

"Kelly's advice is right on point. Hiring Kelly is the best thing we've done for our company."

Strategist & Marketing Advisor

Kelly Johnson

A snapshot of my background

Experience & Education

Founder/ Marketing Strategist
Modesty Lane Marketing
July 2017-Present

Area Sales Manager
Plexus Worldwide
February 2015-July 2017

Regional Manager
BT Properties
October 2011-January 2015

Property Manager
BT Properties
December 2007-October 2011

Royal Commercial Services
September 2003- November 2006

Project Manager
January 2000-December 2001

Account Manager
September 1998-January 2000

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Baxter Healthcare Corp
December 1988-September 1998

Rutgers University- New Brunswick


What exactly is a "strategist"? —

Strategist/Coach/Advisor - The terms are interchangeable. The end result is the same.

Like a box of legos without instructions, your business can feel like you're building...

Without directions.

That's fun for awhile.

Then it's not.

When you start to feel stuck and wonder why you aren't growing,

I am your set of directions.

I've built multiple profitable businesses, for myself and for other people over the past 25 years.

My husband, Eric and I have over 50 years of combined business expertise.

Eric has been in middle /upper management most of his career.

I've been extremely successful in sales and marketing.

My current portfolio of clients includes a therapist, author, clothing store, insurance broker and online high school.

My expertise is story crafting and story building.

Your success is built on how you execute your story.

People buy you and your story first, before your product or service.

I'm not a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, web master or visual artist.

Videos, marketing graphics, etc. have little barring on how profitable you are.

I can contract those services out to a team for you.

I can also work within your budget and put those things together for you without the expense of professional equipment, using my phone and a few apps.

My actual expertise is future forcasting.

I help you decide what areas are most profitable for growth.

Together we strategize ways to get you there.

I also help you identify your target market and teach you how to reach them.

I use a psychological approach, based on your personality type, strengths and weaknesses and background.

I help you figure out yourself and what strengths you bring to your career.

Then we capitalize on your strengths.

It's an ongoing process and we work closely together.

Like building legos, the end result looks different for each client.

My clothing store owner and I work together on her "in store" team.

Hiring, training, directing and coaching the whole team for the purpose of increased web and in store sales.

My therapist/author client and I strategize ways to bring content from her books and speaking engagements to her online audience.

My online high school client and I are working on ways to bring awareness to their new school launch.

We work on pricing, budgeting, narrowing our target market, and focusing on bringing a world class program to the people in their niche.

No two clients look the same.

Your business is unique to you and I customize a growth plan specifically tailored to the person God made you to be.

A strategist is a necessity, if you're looking to grow and build something quickly, without the frustrating experience of trying to figure everything out for your self.

You'll save a lot of time and money if you invest upfront on business strategy.


Hourly Rate - $95 hour

Monthly retainer packages also available.

Longer projects are most economical on a monthly retainer package.

Reach out to me for your first session.

Kelly Johnson