About us

Providing digital freedom and privacy

Here at Modroid we believe in a free, open, private and safe internet. Unfortunately big tech and the people who manufacture products, think they can bind YOU with terms and conditions so THEY can use YOUR device as if it were THEIRS.

With Modroid you can take full control of what you lawfully own and use it the way YOU want to for YOUR benefit and not THEIRS with YOUR terms and on YOUR Conditions.

From Android updates/upgrades, modifications and firmware installations to full business pc security audits, Forgotten passwords, virus removal, data retrieval, pc/laptop system updates and upgrades, dual boot, wifi security analyses and more, Modroid have you covered.

From your daily activities to your most secret desires, Google knows it all.. Logged and recorded every search, every click, page, tab, contact, phone call, every single thing you've ever done, and will do, catalogued. A big file on you. What you like and dislike, where you go, who your with, what you do when your there, where you shop, what you buy, what apps you use on your device, the list goes on and on and on, even the apps themselfs harvest as much data as permitted. Here at Modroid we can guide you on removing google and other system bloatware that are a security breach, teach you how to live without it and provide cheaper and safer opensourced alternatives. If you dont like the sound of loosing the data and life you have with google we can help you change your relationship with it. learn how to remove google apps you dont want or need that are clogging memory and using data, also set the permissions individually for each app instead of batch agreements that do you over and sell your data. make google work for you.