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Modupe Oloruntoba

TL;DR: I'm currently engaged with full-time work until February 2022 and can only accept new content projects with start dates from that time. I focus on work geared toward actively moving African fashion forward, primarily through my new newsletter, African Fashion Weekly (Jan '22).

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If however you are new here, hi! Here's the long version.

I'm a writer & creative content consultant, creating value for fashion & beauty brands by helping them use content to build community, leverage culture and create meaningful conversation.

After graduating as a fashion designer in 2013, I took a peek at fashion media and never left – content stuck. I’ve since been published in Vogue Arabia, Refinery29, Man Repeller, GQ South Africa, and more, and worked at Oliver & MORE, Superbalist, Woolworths South Africa, John Brown Media, and Media24. That’s included a cover profile on Jidenna that dives into his vision of a Pan African future; radio, web and email copywriting for beauty festivals and retailers' private label brands; and a column entry questioning why stylists aren't a bigger part of the sustainability conversation.

I have now spent 7 years turning the meaning I have always found in fashion and its adjacent worlds into content. My portfolio of projects has evolved beyond crafting engaging messages for a commercial outcome, and grown into consulting in accelerators, taking on content partner roles in festivals, and now a fashion news & insight media brand for Africa's fashion industries, launching soon with coverage of South Africa and Nigeria to start.

So again - should we talk? Reach me at, linked below.
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