Que Sera Sera

Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

When I was 18 years old I told everyone Sera was my gangster name. I was far from being a gangster but that was everything Sara was not. Sera was cool, confident and brave! Everything I wanted to be. She was the girl who didn't have a care in the world and painted the town red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. She didn't care what people thought. She was Everything Sara was too afraid to be.

When I turned 21 and became a Mom I let go of that person. I became responsible, hard working, and secluded myself from that life for my babies. Every step I made, every choice I chose was for them and their future.

It wasn't until I hit that big 30 that my mind set started to change and I remembered that wild and carefree girl I buried so deep inside me. That it wasn't just my kids future that mattered it was mine too. My mindset changed as I began to put my future into perspective and painting the town every color seemed so small. After all, I've grown and I have aged. I've learned things and changed so much. This person, this Sara, is going to paint the world with every color imaginable just because I can and I am determined.

Que Sera Sera meant back then to me different than what it means now. It meant what ever happens in life is just going to happen. No matter what choice I make, no matter how hard I scream or dance it's just going to happen. Because it is meant to be.

Now it means that I am strong enough, loud enough to make my own path and make whatever is going to happen a part of my bigger plans.

Being a boss is hard work, it's long hours and putting your goals and dreams into the center of the picture so that the rest of the image shines even brighter.

If you are a Mom or even a Dad you already know that the entire picture just might fall apart without you. So put yourself as the center image, be the boss of your surroundings and make your dreams come true.

I sell beauty products through the company Monat. I love it. Every day I grow, every day I fight, every day I get to show up and change lives while supporting my sisters in arms. I am also a mom, a sister, a daughter, an aunti, a wife and a friend. My life is as busy as they get but I am the center of my future and have big goals and dreams!

I am Sara. I am a Boss!

So, Que Sera Sera

What ever you make it be, it will be!