About Mel

Misfit Momma just living life!

Thank you for visiting! A little about me; I am an energetic goofball that loves music, makeup and cooking. I am married to my high school sweetheart with nearly 18 years under our belt (11 married). We have a beautiful little girl that is a gift from the Lord up above.

I had a miscarriage before our wedding day and was told for 9 years after that I could never have children. Insert our Lilly in 2019!

I also have 2 fur babies, a full time job that I love, and 2 side hustles (Pampered Chef and SEINT).

I am known as "Momma Mel" as everyone is welcome to my home and know they will be fed and cared for. I thrive in caring for my tribe! I am also a person that is overcoming challenges like postpardum depression, anxiety, miscarriages, and other life hurdles.

I hope, by sharing my story and life, that I may connect with other people that have had or are having these same struggles. All paths have dark spots but it's what we do with them that shows the light for others.

My mission, God willing, is to let his light shine through me and bring joy to everyone I interact with.