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What you need:

•You will need two FH’s of minky or plush one main and one coordinating
(the ones I used are from shear madness fabrics)
•two yards minky or plush for backing
•tape measure
•scissors or rotary cutter
•pins or clips

Step one:

••••If you are starting with two yards (one main and one coordinating) cut your fabric into FH’s
FH’s are a yard cut in half hamburger style measuring approx 36” tall x 1/2 of wof••••
This project needs two FH’s

•set your main FH to the side
•cut your coordinating FH of minky into four strips:
Two strips measuring 5 1/2” x 36”
Two strips measuring 7” x 36”

There will be a small strip left (the scribbled out strip in the picture) we do not need this.

Step two:

•lay out your main FH
•place your 5 1/2” strips on the sides of your main fabric
•place your 7” strips on the top and bottom of your main fabric

Step three:

•clip your side pieces to your main FH with right sides together
•sew with a straight stitch or surge
•flip over to right sides and top stitch
•cut any excess that doesn’t line up to the size of your main FH
•clip the top and bottom piece to your main piece with right sides together
•sew with straight stitch or surge
•flip over and top stitch

Step four:

•if adding and additional items such as appliqués, tags, or any other extras add those now

Step five:

•lay out your two yards of backing and place your top piece on top with right sides together.
•clip the two sides that do not have excess fabric
•cut off any excess of the backing fabric to line up to the size of the top
•pin or clip the other two sides

Step six:

•sew all four sides leaving about a 5” opening on one side
•cut off any excess after sewn

Step seven:

•turn right side out
•poke out all the corners
•fold in the opening and pin or clip closed
•clip the sides
•top stitch


Congratulations! Your done! Take final pictures and enjoy your new blanket.

You have two FH’s left… now what?..

If you started with two yards you should have two FH’s left here are some ideas of some other fun things to make with your remaining fabric.
• Another blanket
• Slippers (menta pattern shown in picture)
• Stockings
• pillows
• Stuffed animals

Happy sewing.