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My name is Michonne, I’m a new mother & nursing graduate student at UCLA. I earned my undergraduate degree at UCSB in bio psychology. My goal is to work in mental health/psychiatry as an RN.

I have faced a few hurdles on my journey, & will likely experience more! I’ll be sharing insight, tips, & information to those subscribed to my email list! I want to do what I can to help inspire other people like me accomplish their goals.

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My Top Picks

Clinical Must Haves

As a nursing student, it’s best to show up prepared. Check out my top picks for clinicals below. All of these can be purchased on Amazon. Students with a valid school email address are eligible for Amazon Prime at a reduced monthly rate. If you see something you like, please purchase through the link provided!

Littman Stethoscope

When I was searching for a stethoscope I immediately fell in love with the raspberry color and the iridescent chest piece. Works well in the clinical setting and is not too heavy to carry throughout the day.

Stethoscope Case

I want my stethoscope to last as long as possible and as a student and mom always on the go, this case was the perfect option! It keeps it safe from dings or scratches in your tote and also has room to hold other items. I keep a few alcohol pads inside to clean my stethoscope.

Folding clipboard

This clipboard is perfect because it is compact when folded to fit in your pockets. Useful to store SBAR and cheat chests, and write down important details about your patient. The back has lab values and more! Must have for clinicals!

Pocket size drug guide

Lightweight pocket size drug guide to quickly look up meds in the clinical setting. Perfect to refresh your memory on meds for med administration!

Pocket nursing shears

Pocket size shears that are safe and effective. Store in your pockets or clip onto your scrubs or elsewhere.

Pocket basic caculator

This is very lightweight and can fit in your pockets or Fanny pack, without taking up much space. Perfect for med math calculation during medication administration.

Compression tights

Promotes blood circulation and increases comfort for 12-hour clinical shifts. Must have as you adapt to being on your feet for extended periods during clinical shifts.

Cherokee Scrub Pants

These Cherokee Scrub pants match my school’s scrub colors and go perfectly with the required top we have to wear. The elastic waist band makes them super comfortable for long shifts and the size chart provided is true to size!

Pre- Nursing Students: