About Me

welcome to my platform!

I’m a 23 year old California native now living in Philly. I am violently passionate about sustainability, plant based living, and advocating for the communities I love. This is NOT a safe space for racists!

This platform is my creative outlet, as I am an exotic plant and animal hobbist. Bren, my Fiancé, has a degree in Biology with a specialization in Zoology. Together we breed reptiles, amphibians& various insects and are in the process of owning a small business pet store.

After my social media hiatus (on my former animal care platform), I am now getting back into documenting and educating on proper animal care& enclosure set ups.

As a “Jill of many skills”, I also work providing linguistic support for the Deaf Community. I several collegiate degrees to back my studies in American Sign Language Interpreting.
**disclaimer: I DO advocate for Deaf via social awareness issues. But, I do not, and will not teach ASL here (as it is not my place). Please swipe to the 3rd page for resources if you have questions about learning ASL for FREE**

I respond to EVERY comment I see on my videos(even if it’s just a ‘like’). If you have an unanswered question or topic/content suggestion, please submit it again in the Q&A In my bio or feel free to DM me.

My Little Family

long distance lovers

From the rolling hills of Orange County, CA to the city life in Philadelphia, PA; I packed my bags to move across the country for the love of my life.

In 2017, I met Bren on social media. He reached out to me to sponsor my (former) animal care platform. He remained anonymous behind his store’s page for months, but we built a strong friendship. He then flew me out to his city for an all expenses paid buisness trip to set up a sponsorship. He wined & dined me... we fell in love. We’re now very excited to plan our dream wedding with our two little flower girls in the Spring of 2022.