Mama, entrepreneur, dog lover, wine enthusiast and Monat influencer

Kirsten Huffman

Do you dream of being your own boss?

Leading a team? Changing lives for the better while doing so?

Having financial freedom? Earning extra money to rid if debt, for family vacations, or regular shopping sprees?

I did. I dreamed of all of the above.

Let me assure you, it's easier than you think.

How do I know this is true? How does apply to YOU?

Think about this for a hot minute.

A billion dollar company. In fact, one that reaches those numbers in less than 5 years. A company with the best selling products on the market for your hair AND skin. A company that's always expanding into more countries across the globe, every year. Sound too good to be true? I assure you, I speak the truth.

Everyone washes their hair. Everyone washes their face. These are facts.

The number one premium haircare line worldwide. Say it again.

Now ask yourself why you shouldn't hop on board.

I've got room at my table, for you.

And trust me when I say, new friend, the time is now.

A Little About Me

She is my "why"

I spent 10 years searching for a fulfilling career. Always wanting something more. Needing a true purpose, and dreaming of being my own boss. I was that girl- who rolled her eyes at social sellers. Unfollowing them, unfriending them, and snarling at their posts behind my screen.

In November of 2018, my life changed. I became pregnant. I needed a new plan, and quickly realized my financial situation with my current rewarding job wasn't going to be enough. Working with special needs children has always been my passion, but living paycheck to paycheck left me second guessing my life choices when I realized I had a new life to provide for.

Insert MONAT, in June 2019. I figured it out. It hit me like a ton of bricks. What did I have to lose? Why not give it a try? I had nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. The sisterhood, the opportunity to earn free trips, financial stability, residual income, and a hefty discount on clean, naturally based products that benefit my families health.

So here I am. Stunned. Grateful. Surprised- yes. Surprised at the accomplishments I've made in a short period of time, and continue to make.

Everyday, I'm thankful for this journey, and I can't wait to continue it each and every day xo

My Before & After  —

Blonde, over processed, crunchy, angry hair. Breakage, split ends, and very, very embarrassing. What can you even do to style a disastrous mop like that?! Nothing. Nothing at all. Insert Monat's anti-aging, vegan, non-toxic chemical free haircare products. Fast forward 3 years. Consistent use, patience and dedication to the brand. That's what this picture reflects. I've NEVER had fuller, thicker, healthier hair in my life. Talk about a self confidence boost. Who knew you could fall in love with luxury haircare products?

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