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Are you 18+, self motivated, ready to work part time for a full time income , a stay at home mom, wife, a working mom looking to shift careers??? If you answered yes to any of that this is for you ! Ready to start your business or have questions message me on IG @ Kaseybrooke3 you can start changing your life TODAY for only $199 for one of our 3 starter kits

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Hello I’m so glad you are here weather you are looking for hair, beauty or wellness products or you are looking for a life change I have you covered!

My name is Kasey I am a 31 year old single mom of 3 I work as a drug recovery counselor full time , I am a college student at Liberty university and I joined with monat March of 2021 not looking for a “job” but wanting a community I could be with women of my same mindset little did I know it would change my life for the better and give me so much more! I am also a ovarian cancer warrior feel free to follow my journey kicking cancers ASS

My ovarian cancer story  —

Female cancer is more then pink it’s also teal

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2020 3 days before Christmas a month later I had a first debulking surgery after my biopsy and it confirmed stage 4b ovarian cancer that had spread to lymph nodes and my colon since then I have been fighting with chemotherapy and radiation and blood draws once a month this disease sucks but I share my store so women know they are not alone! Follow my IG: for my story @.Kaseybrooke