A little bit of me

You hold the keys to your future

Hey friends!
I’m Katelyn and I’m so glad that you’re hear to learn more about an opportunity that could quite possibly change your life✨
This year has been a huge one for me! I’ve met the man of my dreams, switched school programs, moved into my very first home, became a dog mom, began my career as an ECE and started Monat!
Taking care of myself and my body is a huge priority for me and and when I found out that Monat was vegan and naturally based, I had to try it! That being said, like most, I contemplated joining Monat for about a year before I actually made the commitment! Now I’m in the business, I’m kicking myself for not starting sooner!
I’d seen the impact that this brand had had on lives of so many women and I wanted it! Once I took the jump and joined the company, I couldn’t wait to see the shift happen in lives of so many both near and far✨
My goals for this business are to have financial freedom, explore and experience more as well as build a beautiful life for my family! If any of this peeks your interest, click on over to next page and have a look through my links or shoot me a message. I would absolutely love to chat!