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Freedom to work, whenever and wherever you want. Freedom to make my own schedule. Freedom to be my own boss.

Enhance your life and beauty

Haircare products are a multibillion-dollar industry. We all wash our hair and will need shampoo to wash it. Shampoo is a consumable product. This means customers will use the products and continue to use. When consumers find a product that works for them, they tend to stick with it. After all, when you look good, you feel good! Get Paid to Work from your Smartphone When and Where you Want to!!! Monat Gratitude Gives Back Thousands Yearly Help Others Gain Confidence Through Hair Help others earn money! Product You Can Believe In

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We have products for Men/Women/Children & even pets! 🐾

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Our products are very concentrated meaning it only takes a little. Other brands are mostly water which it takes 2/3 times the amount to wash out all the grime and buildup from your hair.

Health and wellness

Why Wellness?
Hair, Skin, & now Wellness
Beauty from the INSIDE & OUT Being HEALTHY from the Inside Out MONAT Wellness is the intersection of BEAUTY & HEALTH Wellness is a $100 - $120 Billion Industry already. This is a HUGE income producing stream for us as business owners
Its the logical next step in the Healthy Aging Revolution which is what MONAT is all about
Our 3 product lines allow YOU to be the best version of you at any age OVERVIEW OF MONAT WELLNESS PRODUCTS
MONAT Energy - FUEL YOUR FIRE For people 18+ years & older Promotes mental alertness & focus Supports mood & the body's natural stress response Supports physical
performance Delicious Berry Blast Flavor
Sugar Free Convenient Stick Packs for on the go energy Caffeine (from Green Coffee Bean) increases energy levels & improves mood Phenylethylamine increases focus & elevates mood Adtaptogenic Blend - helps the body adapt to stressors Vitamin B12 - supports proper red blood cell formation & neurological function Features a cutting edge nootropic to help heighten focus, attention & mood 25% of US Consumers have an energy drink daily Lack of energy affects us physically, mentally & emotionally
MONAT Collagen Key - UNLOCK YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY An all in one formula that helps support your body's natural production of collagen It is NOT collagen - it is a collagen BUILDING amino acid complex that is VEGAN
18+ years or older Supports the healthy appearance of hair, skin & nails
Supports skin moisture, elasticity & smoothness Includes potent antioxidants including Vitamin c Vegan & sugar free
Delicious Peachberry Flavor Vegan amino acid blend - maintains existing collagen levels & replaces lost collagen stores Hyaluronic Acid - keeps skin plump & hydrated Reservatol - combats threats to our cells to help skin look & feel healthy Biotin - plays a critical role in the health of hair, skin & nails Vitamin C - involved in every step of the collagen production process Collagen is a protein your body naturally creates & makes up about a third of all the protein in your body Collagen's strong fibers work like glue to hold things together - muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs & skin Collagen is a major componet of your skin adding strength. As you get older, your body makes less collagen - skin becomes less supple - hair looks dull - & nails become brittle
A unique Pre & Probiotic Complex
18+ years or older Supports digestive health
Supports healthy skin & immune system
Boosts good bacteria within the gut
Unique delayed release capsule in capsule technology Vegan Ginger - helps support digestion Turmeric - keeps the gut healthy & supports the digestive system
Licorice Root Powder - supports the lining of the digestive tract MONAT Balance is a synergistic prebiotic AND probiotic complex that supplement that provides 5 billion units of 13 clinically studied strains of beneficial bacteria PLUS prebiotic fiber Prebiotics provide probiotics the nourishment they need to thrive & function at their best MONAT Total Greens - THE COMPLETE SUPERFOOD SOLUTION Your ultimate daily superfood boost Ideal for everyone 18+ or older
Proprietary blend of 37 fruits & vegetables
4g of dietary oat fiber to support digestion
Helps improve energy & mood
Supports the immune system & total body hydration Delicious Berry Green Flavor
Oat Fiber -- makes you feel full faster
Acai - rich in fatty acids
Goji - antioxidant powerhouse that provides vitamins & minerals Papaya - supplies vitamins, minerals & fiber Greens Blend - spirulina (algae), parsley, barley grass, brussels sprouts, spinach, kale Fresh produce is essential to health & rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, water, live enzymes!

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I’m here for YOU!

* I will tell you my personal experiences with MONAT products. * I will answer any and all questions anyone has about the products.  If I do not have the answer, I will get it for you. * I will add you to my Facebook Group if I think you would be interested in these products.  * I will send you samples!  I have a lot. My link is on my first and third page.

Goodbye psoriasis!!!!!!

When untreated, psoriasis covers more than 80 percent of my body, so my symptoms are very severe. I’ve had many sleepless nights due to the physical pain. Sometimes my skin on my scalp feels like it is burning, and other times, it’s unbearably itchy. The patches would get thicker over time and bleed when I scratched them. My hair has been dead, dry, frizzy and damaged from all the different products I’ve tried and put into my hair on my scalp to try and get some sort of relief. I have been prescribed medications, tons of them to help and nothing has helped permanently or effective enough. It literally took over my life. I can’t express enough to people how Monat changed this for me. I haven’t itches my scalp in weeks, I haven’t felt the burning and soreness in weeks. I feel like not sharing my story is wrong. Because of what I went through and I know what it’s like I would be wrong not to share this with other people struggling too.

Before And After —

My fiancé after 6 weeks of using our products

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Miracle working product

Hair loss or thinning hair

Such an amazing team of people

Sarah Oliver and myself will personally mentor you

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This is my children. Alyssa, Alicia and Blake.
Above everything being a mom is the most important thing in life to me.

Million dollar industry

Treat yourself

Market Partner Mentor

Helping others turn passion into profit

What do I think makes a good mentor. And also, are you looking for a good mentor??
They need to be enthusiastic almost to the point of being too enthusiastic. 
You should feel their sincerity in the way they present their desire to help you. Good mentors are passionate about their yearning to help others and receive their rewards not in the form of materialistic items or money, but in seeing the people they have helped become successful. A good mentor will create a strategy that fits your needs, talents, skills, and desires and push you towards a better you not towards a clone of themselves.
Good mentors will be excited to share their knowledge with you and be willing to explore the possibility that you may have answers that they do not. A mentor that will learn from their mentee is indeed worthy of your respect and time. To grow, you'll need to need to step outside of your comfort zone to be able to have new experiences and learn. A good mentor is capable of identifying your comfort zone and developing steps and activities within your goals that will force you to become comfortable outside of your zone.
A good mentor will not have any distractions when you are talking with them, focusing on you and taking part in the conversation. They will ask questions, reflect on your answers and even give you some silence when you need to think. Feedback is essential to improvement. A mentor should create long-term objectives and short-term goals with you to help you become the expert you want to be.
Mentors shouldn't be judgemental of others, voice their opinions of people, or talk down to you about others. Mentors are not just respectful, enthusiastic people. They should be considered an expert in their field, and be in the same field you are hoping to become an expert in. It is possible for a mentor to not be in an expert in the field you work in and provide excellent guidance, but you generally should stick with an expert in your field.
Your choice of a mentor should be respected by their peers, and yours. If you choose a mentor that is not well-known in the industry, you may not get the results you desire. Many people use mentors not only as guides to develop themselves but to associate themselves with the name of that mentor. Choosing a mentor does not need to be as stressful or complicated as it seems. Find one that fits you, and work to make it a rewarding experience. You'll not only find the best version of yourself, but you will have gained a life-long friend and supporter in the process.