Monica’s story

about me 🤎

thankyou for comming to see what the fuss was about ✨!

introducing me ….

☁️I’m 19 years young & from a small country town in nsw

☁️ im currently holding down my online buissness with my baby girl that I’m a solo parent to aswell as working night shifts to support my local community

☁️I’m a beach addict & yet I still can’t get a tan

☁️ I’m very indecisive but when I know it’s right I’m very passionate , for example the online business I have grown from my social media , the online space was very new to me but it has opened so many doors 🚪.

✨My journey with monat✨

I’m so proud to be apart of the monat
community & the brand new launch in Australia here’s why!

☁️ starting an online business while not being tech savvy or have much experience with social media & how it works was very scary at the start , but here’s what I’m thankful for ,monat provided soo much training , learning tools , support to their people from day 1 & throughout your entire journey , the reassurance of whatever or not I was going to be able to do this without experience , was nothing but extraordinary & exceeded my expectations!!!

☁️ from day 1 with monat & continuing back my days on still , I have Built out my team across Australia & connected with so many beautiful women taking advantage of this income & flexibility , that has similar goals & like minded women , none of us have the same situations or skills but we all have one thing we share in common , endless training ,information , support & opportunities we all gained from starting business in the online space with the top hair care company in the beauty industry 💆‍♀️

☁️monat is a beauty , health & wellness luxury beauty brand , infact number one ranked premium hair care in the world , that’s huge for anyone to be apart off & to experience first hand. a compnay this successful & globally known , can you imagine the opportunitys they provide & you’d have access to ? I’ll let you wonder ….
my results from this products speak for themselves 😍 check out my page or highlights :)

☁️my job is quiet a luxury , I everyday have the bliss & ability to make an income
from my phone & the amazing community I work within. that to me is new & eye opening. the flexabilty , support, training , opportunities & advantages I have & continue to receive from this company is what all make it possible for me to single Handley support me & my daughter while studying community services , Woking night shifts in my community & saving for a bright road ahead.

☁️I’m quiet a shy , low key person when I’m not in my area of comfort or Usuals. there’s just something about the vibes & pure excitement you feel within these beautiful people u work among that has really started to bring my confidence thru the roof & feeling myself to become a social butterfly. a big advantage I found was we have the ability to create our team from our chosen people so your business is grown at the hands of yourself.

☁️”no experience needed”
I’d really like to talk about this as I just wanted to put out there that , when you hear this please believe this ! I am not a tech expert hardly even know how to use all the tools on my phone or instagram when I came into monat. if you are coachable ! You are on the road for susccess . The online space is to big for the little doubts you may have that u can’t make it . we have 1 on 1 coaching by self made millionair mentors & top income earners in this company.if we are a 2 billion globally growing company in just 7 years & big company’s like Apple never acheive that then that’s saying a lot. Just remember we all started somewhere let me help you today !!! ✨

☁️if you have an internet connect & a phone girlfriend you have everything you need to start your life with us , take the chance on your future , who knows could just change your life , literally! we don’t have contacts or monthly quotas. Its quiet flexible, wide experience
we not only can work with Australians , but also , USA , uk, Ireland, Canada , Lithuania,Poland , Spain , the opportunitys is endless.

☁️ this business gives me the ability to travel for free (one of many perks) ! Upgrade my car with just my work ethic (Range Rover) (Jaguar)! & I have everyday the ability to make an uncapped income , my own work schedule, work under my own watch , right from my couch while being a single mum & working night shifts. I work my business in my spare time wether that’s 30 minuets after dinner or that hour before I go to work in the morning .

MY WHY !!!

⭐️I’m doing this for my baby & 1 !
Y’all let’s be real , my child was a big suprise ,so I defiantly didn’t have everything sorted out , I didn’t have my shit together when I had my baby & she’s the absolute main reason I will be working my fkn ass off to make sure I have it together for her , to make sure she is living life to the frigen fullest & she’s got the best of the best & nothing daym less.

💫 For those who made it this far 💫
my goal here was to just make some awareness that you don’t need to have fancy qualifications, no courses required .

I hope to see you soon & we can start buissness together to suit your life style ❤️