About Me

Here to empower, inspire, and change your mindset!

Hi love! I’m Monica, or you can call me Moni!

I’m a social media influencer in network marketing for the #1 premium luxury hair care company working with driven and motivated women all around the world and I also work in Corporate for the #1 leader in the trusted identity solutions working with universities, hospitals, financial institutions all around the world.

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Be apart of something you already do on a daily

Social selling is the new way of marketing!

Think about it, every day we share what we eat, where we shop, and what we buy - so why not get paid for something you use daily? Hair care and skin care products!

I have found an incredible group of inspiring woman who all want to empower and build each other up, from all over the globe and from ALL walks of life. I am beyond blessed that I have the opportunity to mentor and be apart of a team of over 100 individuals (and growing) on how to live a life of abundance and F R E E D O M through their phones.

My mission is to teach those who want MORE in life + how to live a life of abundance, freedom, and happiness through networking and the power of social media. This is SO much more than posting about shampoo.

We have helped thousands build a successful side hustle (and some have gone full time), so why not you?

👉🏽 Join us! There's plenty of room at the table for you.