The time is Now🤍

Whether you’re interested in hair growth, better immune system, weight loss or work from home I can help

Hello & Welcome🤍
If you’re here it’s because you’re ready for change either physically or financially.

A little about myself, I’m a mom to 3 blessings, my oldest son being 9, my stepson 6 & my daughter who is 4. Taken by my high school sweetheart.
I’ve always been in the administrative/office life including being a nanny for over 12 +years.

Suffer with anxiety from a young age in silence until last year when the pandemic hit and it got 10 times worse. It was interfering with my life i had no control over it. Decided to leave the work force for a while but of course taking time meant consequences; no income.

When I went back to work it was paycheck to paycheck. Less time with my kids & my fam. I was depressed, every night was hard I had hit rock bottom again, struggled for a while until God opened this door for me.

I was blessed to be given this amazing opportunity. Being able to help & change people’s lives. Having the freedom to be able to manage my life the way I want too! To be able to be there for my kids & my family whenever. Being able to Be debt free! Be STRESS free! Opportunity to travel more! It took faith!

If you’re ready let me help you🤍 You got this!

I know it can be scary but only you can change that feeling, take that leap of faith. Let me guide you! The time is NOW 🤍