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Here is a library of resources for some questions you may have.

Structured Water In-Depth🫧

Dr. Moika Renaud, Holistic Practitioner of 32 years who uses German BioEnergetic Medicine,
Nutrition & Chinese Medicine and has helped over 50,000 patients, speaks about why we need a specific kind of water to properly hydrate our body.

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Healing Vibrations in Water🧬

World renowned neuro-specialist Dr. Corinne Allen will blow your mind with this activating information. Learn why the water I drink is so powerful.

What Doctors Are Saying🥼

Learn more about what doctors have to say about Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

Your Brain on Water🧠

In this documentary neurospecialist Dr. Corinne Allen explains what happens to the brain (and body) when we are dehydrated.

The Secret of Water🤫

There is more to know about water than we are led to believe. Learn the secrets of water in this potent documentary.

Alkaline vs Alkalyzed🔋

Not all alkaline water is the same. Dr. Michaels explains the difference between alkaline and alkalyzed.

A Medical Grade Device🏥

There is only one company that produces medical-grade water ionizers. Ron Hicks explains the medical device industry based on his 25+ years of experience with disruptive product development.

What’s in your tap water?🚰

Type in your zip code to find out what contaminants are present in your tap water.

Tapped trailer🎥

Learn the truth about tap water and how corporations are profiting off our communities.

The Anespa Shower🚿

A Japanese mineral ion water for your bath or shower that removes harmful contaminants and gives a natural hot spring, onsen effect in the comfort of your home.


Hi, I’m Monica🤗

I’m a wellness influencer and entrepreneur with a mission to inspire and educate others on holistic health/wellness. How did I get here? Several years ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition that I was told I would have for the rest of my life. After some time I quickly realized that I couldn’t live that way forever. I started researching all about natural healing & made healing my #1 priority in life.

I began this healing journey while I was in school getting my undergraduate psychology degree. Psychology truly fascinates me, so after undergrad I went to grad school for my master’s🧠

Among the various different lifestyle changes I made while learning how to heal naturally, changing my water has been one of the biggest catalysts for healing. Once I became hydrated on a cellular level, I was experiencing health in a much different way.

This massive shift of water in my life also led to me starting my own business. I’m here to help others transform their health and wealth alike to live a life of true freedom.

I’m also a certified life coach and create online resources to help guide people to the best version of themselves. In addition to psychology, I’m incredibly interested in personal development, spirituality, music, plant-based food, business and more.

If you would like to work with me, please book a call with me. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me via any social media platform, email or text.