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My name is Monica Morado. I’m a stay at home mom of two amazing little boys! My life before kids looked a little different! I was a veterinarians assistant and LOVED working with animals! Another thing I love to do on my spare time is play slow pitch softball! As you can imagine, working with animals and playing softball, I’m a bit of a tomboy! My hair was constantly up and out of my face.

After having my first boy, I became a stay at home mom. This is my absolute favorite job. As all of you other moms know we dedicate our lives to our children and self care kind of falls behind the waist side. It is so important that we still take the time to take care of us so we can be the best for our children and family. With that being said, I suffered with some pretty bad postpartum hair loss with my second born which REALLY brought to light some  insecurities for me. For almost a year and a half, I had been watching my friends amazing hair care journey with these products and her transformation. So at that point I said, you know what??? Let’s go ahead and give this a try!

That’s where MONAT comes into place! This company, established in 2014, is the fastest growing luxury hair care brand in the world! This is the first social marketing company to focus entirely on premium hair care products that actually promote healthy, natural hair growth and reverse damage and repair from the inside out. Our full range haircare line is :
Vegan; naturally based ingredients; anti-aging, cruelty free; Free of any harsh chemicals.

I’ve done all of my research and back this company 100%. Don’t believe all the things you read or you’ll sell yourself short on an amazing product! I certainly did for the longest time.

I’m an advocate for kids, pets, and SELF CARE! I only want the very best ingredient used on my family, and Monat does just that.

We have a variety range of products from HAIRCARE, Junior (Kids) Products, Pet Products, SKINCARE, BODY CARE, all the way to WELLNESS products. Also all with the same goal in mind, to heal from the inside out!

As you can see from my own hair transformation, I am walking proof on how these products deliver! I love the time I get to let my hair down and feel and look good! Thanks to Monat, my hair is healthy and my hair confidence is through the roof!

Not only does the company offer amazing products that perform like nothing else out there, but this company offers for you an amazing ground level opportunity to upgrade your financial situation. Yes! Just by selling shampoo!

I really am thrilled to help as many of you as I can with whatever opportunity you choose! And just know I will be with you every step of the way!

Trying to find the right combo of what you need or desired goals can be a little overwhelming, so I’ve created some links to help me help you!
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Interested in locking arms with me in this business?! Then head on over to the WORK FROM Wi-Fi Link and let’s chat about how you can make some real money from this amazing opportunity!!

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Please feel free to reach out to me and to me any questions you may have at any time! 😍

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This company is CONSTANTLY EXPANDING around the world! Currently shipping to those in the US (Puerto Rico), UK, Canada, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland, and now Australia!!!

Even if you are NOT located in any of the above, please still feel free to fill out any of the applications and where you are from, so that when we do expand into your area, you will be the first to hear from me! 🙌🏼