Hi everyone! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to click the link in my bio and see what this is all about! Quick intro, my name is Monica Morado. I’m a stay at home mom of two amazing little boys! My life before kids looked a little different! I was a veterinarians assistant and LOVED working with animals! Another thing I love is softball! As you can imagine, working with animals and playing softball, I’m a bit of a tomboy! My hair was constantly up and out of my face.

After having my first boy, I became a stay at home mom. This is my absolute favorite job. As all of you other moms know we dedicate our lives to our children and self care kind of falls behind the waist side. It is so important that we still take the time to take care of us so we can be the best for our children and family. With that being said, I did my research on hair and skin products because I wanted to use the absolute best thing out! That’s where MONAT comes into place! It’s a plant and essential oil based product that is anti aging and the #1 premium haircare that’s out! I’ve done all of my research and back this company 100%. Don’t believe all the things you read or you’ll sell yourself short on an amazing product!

I’m an advocate for kids, pets, and SELF CARE! I only want the very best ingredient used on my family, and monat does just that. We have a kids and pet line and I’m walking proof of how it delivers on myself! I love the time I get to let my hair down and look good! Thanks to Monat, my hair is healthy and my hair styling has never been better!!

Get on the Monat train with me and feel at ease knowing your family is using the safest ingredients out there and level up on your self care game! Questions? Let’s chat! Dm me, or simply take the hair and skin quiz on the next slide.i