Hey there!

Welcome to my little slice of the world online.

I am a wife, a mum of two spirited boys, a pretty radical unschooler, a coach in all things wellness and living your best free life, and born to be a creative entrepreneur!

My greatest value in life is freedom, I don’t like rules, challenges or routine for too long. I live for my family, I love to travel, anywhere near the ocean is my favourite place, and sunsets, stars and our beautiful moon - make my soul sing🌙

I have a huge passion for keeping my family healthy and parenting as consciously as I can! My happiness rituals include walks on the beach, journaling, meditation, yoga, travel of course - discovering new places, decluttering our life, living as minimally as we can, planning our next adventures, dreaming big and vision boarding.

Our families freedom is thanks to a beautiful mindset. My expanded, growth mindset kicked in around 8 years ago when my husband up-levelled our life, embarking on his life coaching career. He led the way for our family to break free from the 9-5 grind and created space for me to be a mum first and find my own soul purpose.

And that I did, with a kick-ass online community I joined 5 years ago. A community who raise each other up in health, business and beyond. We help people with a holistic wellness program, which supports your mind body and soul, and we give people the opportunity to change their lives financially with our successful online business model.

I will be forever grateful my husband forged the way for us, shining a light on what was undeniably possible - freedom! Because he did, I followed, and now we have freed our children from the education system, giving them unlimited choices to find what lights them up and give them the freedom to walk their own unique path.

I love connecting with likeminded women, especially mums who are equally driven to live life on their terms and say yes to an extraordinary life for their families!

I hope you see the beauty in what we are creating. If you’re looking to create more magic in your life or seeking a soul mate tribe to walk with, you just might be in the right place! We’re not meant to do life alone, if you’re looking to uplevel your health, your mindset or your lifestyle, maybe you should look a little closer at what we do.



With The Vitality Hub

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Our beautiful Cleanse and Reset 30 day Program has everything you need, to get back to your next level self🙌

This is an amazing tool to help you understand cleansing and how simple and effective it can really be - with no deprivation!

Our program is flexible so you can choose beginner, intermediate or advanced ~ you can even start anytime you feel you need a reset.

We believe that living a healthy life should be sustainable and enjoyable, free from calorie counting and of course, delicious!

When you join our Cleanse & Reset Program, you also receive unlimited access to;

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If you’re ready for next level energy and vitality, and would love to be part of our online community group to support you on your journey - connect with me TODAY!

Our Fave Products

The Perfect Balance

These are my all time favourite products because they healed my families bodies and protect us everyday. With the world in a health crisis this last year, I consider these an extra health insurance policy on my families health.

Everything stems from a healthy gut ~ from your moods and mental clarity, through to how your immune system recovers. I spent hundreds of dollars a month for several years, seeking the perfect balance, until I discovered these wholefood products ~ and now I hope to share them with you!


Fruits, Veggies & Berries to support your Immune system.

Wholefood Powders to assist your digestive system.

Plantbased Omegas to support your nervous system.

Try our safe, natural products for yourself…. from as little as a cup of coffee a day!

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