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Sunnies Face Fluffmate lipsticks

My mom recently went to the Philippines to visit family. She asked me what I wanted and instantly knew what it was... Sunnies Face! I’ve been hearing all about the brand and how the Fluffmatte lipsticks are the bestsellers. In that moment, I had to represent the Filipino beauty community. 🇵🇭

Shades I chose...

When I first opened them, the lipsticks look so aesthetically pleasing. Fluffmattes are a matte finish but never drying.
The shades I got are:
• Nudist- warm almond nude
• Milktea- warm beige nude
• Casual- peach brown nude
• Bday- taupe brown nude
If anyone was to ask me which is my fave... I’d say all.

I definitely recommend these

10/10- lasted all day long, very opaque & they have every shade for every skin tone. I wonder what Sunnies Face will be coming out next.. whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it will be amazing. Hopefully in the future they’ll be sold in the U.S. For now, we have online sellers around the world.

Where to get them?

Since Sunnies Face is a Philippine based brand, you can only get them in their stores and their online retailers. For the United States, we have tons of sellers. All happily to introduce to you this brand. Just make sure you find the authentic ones!

A seller that I know of is @fluffypny on instagram. She sells the fluffmattes, lipdips and airblushes. Also selling them at poshmark, mercari, offer up & facebook. If you purchase through her instagram, it will be cheaper than her other platforms. I definitely recommend her shop because she has one of the best prices out there. Just DM her if you have any questions.

If you have tried these, let me know how you feel about them. I’d love to hear from you.