here is abit about me x

hi my name is elliana. i am ** years old (i don’t like to share my age online) i am a fan of charli damelio and madi monroe!


i first started to show interest in tiktok in lockdown although i have had tiktok since 2016/2017 on old accounts that i can’t use anymore. the first fanpage i made was for zoe laverne in late 2019 / early 2020 as i was a huge zoe fan at the time but now i realise all the wrong she has done so no longer am a big fan i still support her tho and i wish the best for her and her unborn child. My next fanpage was a larray fanpage i shared with my bff but i got bored over time so made a charli one but i was always shadow banned so i gave up on that account and moved accounts to @editingchqrlss and thought i would like to support madi too so made this account! That’s pretty much how i got here!


i’m called elliana please call me elli tho! i’m ** once again don’t want to share my age online. i support everyone regardless of their situation. i would never hate on anyone as i don’t know what they are going through and me hating could be the thing that puts them over the edge and they could possibly do something really bad to themself or even others and i don’t want that to happen! i play roblox fortnite and i’ve just started to play rainbow six siege or what ever it’s called! i love animals i have a puppy called coco she’s a little french bulldog who loves to play! i will not always be online and when i’m not online i’m either at school. eating. with my mum chilling or playing with the pup! i will try to be active as much as possible tho!

My YouTube Channel

editing with elli!

my youtube channel is called editing with elli i would love for you to subscribe to it and turn on post notifications (first vid coming soon)

my colouring

how to do my colouring

i use the app 24fps first and then i go onto prequel and put shadows: 100 exposure: 20 glow: 35 and aberration: 50 then do my theme then post it to tiktok!