Coloring tut !

(Please use credits when making this please and thank you)

Import this qr
Code called red
flavor in 24fps !
Exposure -16
Contrast -25
Highlights -50
Shadows -100
Glow: 18
Blur: 100
Click effects and
press “dust”
dust 100
filter 20
Go click filters
and click
Filter 13

(I tried to recreate chrlsdoirs theme sticker so please use credits however the credits for my inspiration goes to her <33)

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Theme sticker is up ⬆️ or down ⬇️

Credits pleasee

(Okay so I didn’t make this caption charlsdoirs did but I recreated hers so credits please)

🍧 ❝𝖼𝖺𝗉𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇!❞ 𓈈 🍥⌇𖧧𖤣 taggies ⚛︎  🧾 # 🥡  📢  🐼  𓍯 this is how it’s gonna look like when it’s put and how to use it ! Up ⬆️

Your about to see what fronts I use on vont !!

(Don’t have to give credits since I’ve been asking for creds to much lmao)

Bebas regular, code bars, cute written regular, Garlicsaltextras-regular.otf, gentle remind, KLcupid, lemon milk medium, letters for learners, love.

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