Helping womxn in need.

MOnthly is a Mobile, AL based charity project aimed at alleviating period poverty.

We are completely donations based and use your donations to create period packs to distribute to those in need in the Mobile community. Each period pack has enough products to last an entire menstrual cycle.

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Our Period Packs

Enough products to last a cycle.

In each bag we put enough products to last a person an entire menstrual cycle. These products include 5 pads, 5 tampons, 5 liners, and a Hershey’s kiss.

We have been able to distribute over 6,000 individual menstrual products since November 2019 and continue to give. Each bag costs around $1.75 to make, so your donations make all the difference.


Aiko Pickering

Hi, I'm Aiko and I am the founder of MOnthly. I'm fuelled by my passion to help and advocate for marginalized people. Realizing a lack of education and action regarding period poverty in #Mobile, I was inspired to create MOnthly. MOnthly has been such a blessing and has helped me connect with many amazing people and organizations. My hope is that MOnthly will be able to help women and girls in our community long-term!

Outside of MOnthly, I am an adult ballet goer, second-hand shopper, and lover of cartoons and animation. *I’m obsessed with Studio Ghibli* I am also a recent Spring Hill College graduate with a B.A. in English and Sociology with a minor in Gender Studies. Currently I’m learning French and how to make my own clothes! For fun, I love to be in the sun, go on picnics, travel, learn, and take on new experiences. Since 2019, I have lived between Mobile and the UK, but I am happy to be home, surrounded by my family and becoming more tuned into Mobile again.

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