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For people new to Forex, did you know there is a 6.7 trillion dollar market, trading 24hrs 5days a week?

Did you know that the forex market is available to everyday people like you and I & you can learn everything you need to know while you earn?

If you already know a bit about forex and are looking for a system that not only gives you signals/ trade ideas, but can give you a bunch of confirmations without having to mark up charts all day, thus freeing up time and giving you better & informed ways to take a trade would you be interested?

Eaconomy has so much to offer & Im so excited to be a part of this platform.

Why not take a look at the overview below and get back to me if you want to know more.

With all that’s going on in the world, there has never been a better time to walk away from the norm & invest your time and money into not only a life time skill set, but another way to earn a residual income.  —

Here’s what eaconomy has to offer

Eminus - gives you trade ideas while you’re learning how to trade in the financial market.

Manara - Scans all pairs across all markets, gives you better and informed ways to trade.

Hercules - helps you build a nice portfolio within the crypto space

Aithena - available outside the US, is a hands off Automated Trading system.

Check this out for more in-depth information.

Project Kong


Take a look into what eaconomy has to offer not only in the Academy - where you’ll learn about forex, the stock exchange, crypto, indices & commodities. ECA breaks down everything you need to know about being able to understand the technical and fundamental analysis of trading.

But also with the 4 trading tools they have available & their never been seen before compensation plan.

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Eaconomy Overview with Nicholas Lai

How to use Manara

Compensation Plan and strategic Placement with Coach Carter