So why?

Let me tell you!

This time last year I was about 8 months pregnant, working as a front desk agent at a hotel. I enjoyed the customer service and hospitality business, but I didn't believe in what I was selling. I worked at a pretty old hotel, got many complaints about the old carpets and non-working HVACs that I was really embarrassed to say, "hope you enjoy your stay", knowing full well they probably wouldn't! But it was my job, I needed the paycheck, and I figure these guests chose this hotel, so they get what they get.

By the end of the month I gave birth and became a stay at home mom. My partner has a job that covers our bills and that we are surely thankful for. But I want more. I want to boost our quality of life! I want to be able to have money in our savings for a rainy day, I want to take my family on adventures in other states and countries, and most of all, I want to build and own a home from the ground up for my family to rest their heads and their wandering feet!

I was given a sample of Monat shampoo and conditioner and I liked it. I only had the chance to use it once, but seeing the results of my friends who use Monat, I was definitely reeled in. I wanted those results. I remember saying "I already have nice hair" and my friend said "it's not just about getting nice hair, but also about maintaining it". I went through a whole Q and A with my old high school friend, who now is my sponsor, and she broke it down for me. She didn't pressure me to sign up. She just gave me the information I needed. And after all that talk, I knew... this is something I could believe in. This is a product I can use and suggest to my friends and family and expect positive results. It isn't like lying at the front desk of a hotel, one you wouldn't even want to stay in yourself (seriously, my mom and aunt came to visit last year and I booked them into a different hotel), and just hoping you can finish your shift before they come back to complain.

I wanted to be my own boss, stand behind what I believe in, and not be on someone else's clock so I can contribute to the enhancement of my family's quality of life.

This is why I said "OKAY to MONAT" 😝🎉🎉🎉