A Xmas Mood

24/12/2020 • 🎄+🥂 +🍽 +🎉

Dear honorable guests of Xmas Eve Frolic,

Not long until the somewhat-anticipated, exclusive Xmas celebration at Nod in the Mood.

Our allocated $50 p.p* package will include welcome drinks (Prosecco), access to the grazing table, shared main, as well as dessert. Sparkling water is gratis because we uphold to that standard.

Please feel free to bring any other beverages of your liking. Our in-house team recommends orange wine or rosé, to minimise our hangovers the next day. Swipe left for some of our faves ➡️

Doors open at 3pm. Given our limited capacity of guests at all time, we kindly ask that you arrive as close as possible to this time as pre-drinks aren’t possible just yet.

There is no formal dress code.

*Payment will be completed closer to the date of the event. Cancellation fee applies.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you in soon!

Your reluctant neighbour,

The team at Nod in The Mood.

🥂 In the mood to drink...

Some of our fave orange wine & rosé:

2020 Combes Dem Roses Rosé

Combes; I never know how to pronounce the brand, but no one ever corrects me.
This one has been a crowd-pleaser since 2016. A local produce, each release a slightly different taste, but I'm sure it's complimentary to the vibes we're trying to achieve this Summer.

Buy ‘Dem

Momento Mori - Fistful of Flowers

This is my fave wine of 2019, and probably 2020 too.
So delicious, so refreshing without trying hard... which is hard to do.

I've personally re-branded Momento Mori to be known as Momento More For Me, because I like them a lot. Like a lot. Tbh, I'm surprised this 2nd batch has not sold out.

Get on it.

Little Rara Orange Gris

Little Rara often has great orange wine that's very friendly and easy-to-drink. Great for anyone who's keen to try skin-contact wine but isn’t sure...

A reliable choice for Summer.
Also for the price, it's pretty murah-rah-rah, no?

Buy here

Momento Mori - Cardinia Ranges Rosé

Another Momento Mori... because it's good.

This Rosé varietal is like berry juice for adults. You can drink responsibly or not-so-responsibly, because sometimes it's too delicious to let it sit for that long. They say this is the final batch made from the vineyard (i.e Won't be available next year).

Try before you cry

Your choice!

When in doubt, trust your gut and bring your choice of wine. Maybe you have a favourite that you'd like to share with us? It's only the beginning of Summer, and we may just stumble upon our 2020 Summer Fave this way.

Nod in the Mood

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