Introducing Moonshadow Munchkins

A Loving Cat Breeder

At Moonshadow Munchkins we are passionate about our Munchkin and Lambkins. We love helping people find the perfect new addition to their families and enjoy a reputation as a kind and caring cat breeder. I want your experience to be positive and memorable. I have repeat buyers which fills my heart with joy. I have met so many great families and love getting updates on all my babies.

Terms and Prices —


Standard Munchkin - Short Legs
Non-Standard Munchkin - Regular length legs
Lambkin - Curly fur with short or long legs
Scottish Kilt - Folded ears with long or short legs


Standard Munchkin - $1800-$3000
Non Standard Munchkin - $850 - $1500
Lambkin - $1800-$3000
Scottish Kilt - $850-$3000

Prices depend on colour, leg length and fur type.

All kittens will be sent home with a spay/neuter contract that must be adhered to by 6 months of age.

SOLD!! —

Scotty is such a sweetie and so curious. Always the first to greet us at the door of the kitten room. Loves to play with the other kittens. Affectionate and funny. You can’t go wrong with this boy!!

Lilac Point Standard Munchkin - Sold! —

This sweet girl is so laid back . Melts into your arms like a floppy ragdoll. Her blue eyes are so pretty. Lilac point is one of the most rare colours. Her little rughugger legs are so darling!

Black smoke non-standard Munchkin - Sold! —

This little girl looks so much like her mom just in a beautiful black smoke! She is so silky soft and loveable! She loves to be cuddled and spoiled like a little princess

Seal point standard munchkin - $1200 —

This little shorty is a heartbreaker. He is so tiny but knows what he wants!! He thinks he’s a big cat! Watching him run is the cutest thing in the world by far!!

Non-standard Lambkin Male - Sold!! —

This sweet boy is extremely silky soft. His plush long haired coat is so luxurious! He is going to be an outstanding cat!

Standard Calico Munchkin Female - Staying! —

This tiny little peanut is under cattery watch but has a potential home. She is so special!

Chocolate Tortie Non-Standard Lambkin - $1800 —

Seal point non standard Lambkin - $975 —

Cloudy soft boy. Beautiful blue eyes with a lovely calm disposition. Truly has the Selkirk features. He would be staying if he was a female!

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My Top Picks

Our favourite kitten food

Water fountain

Water fountains promote drinking more water. Cats don’t normally get enough and they love running water!

Litter box and wood pellets

We use and train the kittens to wood pellets. They are easily purchased at Canadian Tire or TSC Stores. 40 pounds will cost 7.00 and last for MONTHS!!

Scratch posts

So essential to train kittens to appropriate places to scratch. We do not approve of declawing and it’s in our contract.

Cat bed

Your kitten will appreciate a place of their very own. A cardboard box is a favourite too!!

Cat springs

By far the #1 toy in our household. Most of my guys will fetch and return for more fun!

Nail Clippers

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start clipping nails young. Every two weeks I recommend clipping off the tip of the nail. I prefer human nail clippers.


Your cat will literally come running from any point in the house when she/he hears this bag open!

Cat Collar

Not necessary but if you chose to use one please use a breakaway collar instead of a buckle. Microchipping is also recommended. Can’t lose a microchip!


For a short coat these work nicely to keep the coat soft and loosen the shedding hair. There are many styles to chose from on the market. Once a week is recommended. Another thing to start young!!

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