About Us

Our passion for wolfdogs will shine through each puppy we produce.

Located on 5 acres in beautiful Northern California, Moonstruck Wolfdogs is a small kennel dedicated to producing healthy and sound wolfdogs.

Here at Moonstruck Wolfdogs, health and temperament will always come first. It is our promise to our wolfdogs and to all our puppy parents that we will never sacrifice health or temperament to get a specific "look". While all our wolfdogs are strikingly beautiful, beauty is only skin deep. Our wolfdogs are truly the whole package and a real once in a lifetime companion for the right home.

With an extensive background as a professional dog trainer for the past 10 years, Presley is able to use her experience and knowledge to carefully select specific pairings that complement each other and work towards accomplishing her goal of producing wolfdogs that are truly the whole package. This includes excellent health, sound temperament, sociability, adaptability and trainability while breeding away from same-sex aggression, resource guarding, and strong flight or fight response. Presley uses detailed temperament testing and will raise each litter using Puppy Culture, documenting the whole process and including the new owners along the whole way. She offers a lifetime of support to all puppy parents and believes strongly in humane handling and science-based training techniques.

Our Wolfdogs

Lucius, 95+% Wolf, with traces of Great Pyranees, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd Dog.

Lucius is our arctic type wolfdog. He has lots of beautiful creamy tones to his coat and he gets a magnificently thick coat in the winter. He is amazing with kids and loves puppies. He will even regurgitate his meal for a puppy. He is very social and sweet, but can be selective with strangers. More often than not he is friendly, curious, and gentle. He prefers to be outside, but he comes inside on occasion and can hang out in a dog crate with no issues. He has a high prey drive and moderate resource guarding behavior that is managed successfully with humane training exercises. He has no same sex aggression. He can be with other intact males, even during breeding season.

Embark: Carries one copy of Enamel Hypoplasia (Not affected)
OFA Hips: Pending
OFA Elbows: Pending
COI: 11%

Tallulah, 58% Wolf, 14% Alaskan Malamute, 13% German Shepherd, 13% Siberian Husky

Tallulah is our mid content, female wolfdog. Her temperament is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet, gentle, and has no resource guarding at all. She really enjoys us holding her chicken while she eats it and will even look up confused if we drop it. 😄 She does great in the house, but she definitely needs supervision or she will start looking for things to keep her busy. She is also kennel trained and rides great in the car with no messes. She has no same sex aggression.

Embark: Carries one copy of Collie Eye Anomaly (Not affected)
OFA Hips: Pending
OFA Elbows: Pending
COI: 16%

Omen, 31% Wolf, 30% Alaskan Malamute, 18% German Shepherd, 14% Siberian Husky, 5% Samoyed

Omen is a very sweet cuddly boy. He has moderate energy and has lived behind a 5 foot fence without trying to escape. He is great in the house and amazing the car. He can ride without a crate and makes no messes. He is a low content wolfdog and has a high prey drive. He is calm and gentle around children and he loves going for hikes!

Embark: Clear
OFA Hips:
OFA Elbows:
COI: 1%

Illumi 95+% Wolf with traces of Alaskan Malamute.

Illumi is our 5 month old high content wolfdog from Singing Moon Wolfdogs. He is absolutely amazing in every way! I love his dark grizzled grey coloring and his sweet and adoring personality. He absolutely loves people and rides great in the car crated with no messes. We will continue to update his bio as he matures.

Black Clover: 45% Wolf, 21% Alaskan Malamute, 17% German Shepherd, 15% Siberian Husky

Clover is our female low content wolfdog. She is super easy, rides in the front seat of my car and does great in the house. She is so very sweet and calm, she will most likely demand belly rubs from anyone who looks willing. 😅 We love how she is maturing. We will continue to update her bio as she gets older.

Embark: Clear
OFA Hips:
OFA Elbows:
COI: 7%

Puppy Raising & Approval Process

Here at Moonstruck Wolfdogs, puppy raising starts the moment we suspect a pregnancy. Elevated stress levels in pregnant dogs can have a huge impact on the puppies, so we put extra focus on keeping mom as happy as can be during her entire pregnancy. Once the puppies are born inside our home, we start early neurological stimulation (ENS). ENS is the first series of exercises in the puppy raising program we follow, Puppy Culture.

If you pass our approval process, you will be able to see updates on your puppy and watch videos of their progress and growth. Since no one picks a puppy until they are around 5-6 weeks old, everyone will have a chance to get to know each individual personality. You will then receive my help in picking the puppy that best fits your goals and lifestyle.

We care greatly about all our wolfdogs and will always be responsible for any animal that we bring into this world. Setting our puppies and their new parents up for success is very important to us. This is why we have a very thorough approval process for one of our puppies.

After filling out our puppy application, you will then need to complete two separate phone interviews and be able to show live video footage of your fencing/enclosure. You will need to provide references and verify that you live in a legal area with proof of residence. Requirements for puppies will vary depending on the pairing.

Throughout the life of the puppy you will get one on one professional training advice on any behaviors you are working on or need help with.

All puppies will be microchiped, Embark tested, and have a health check from a Veterinarian before going to their new home.

Have any questions? Email us at moonstruckwolfdogs@gmail.com

Planned Pairings

Lucius & Tallulah

Lucius and Tallulah will be paired for puppies in early 2022

The puppies will be around 80% wolf and have a predicted COI of 6%.